COVID-19: Virus, asesinos y estrategias


Os traigo y recomiendo la lectura del último artículo escrito por Máximo Sandín Domínguez, de Abril de 2020. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas y en Bioantropología.

Coronavirus: sobre virus, asesinos y estrategias.

Parece una obviedad afirmar que la crisis mundial que se ha desatado como consecuencia de la pandemia producida por el covid 19 no tiene precedentes en la historia. Lo que no es tan evidente es porqué si esta pandemia se produce como se afirma desde el ámbito científico, es decir, por el “salto” espontáneo del virus de algún animal al hombre, no se han producido continuamente epidemias de origen viral a lo lago de la historia.

En cualquier caso, esta situación ha originado un consenso social sobre las causas y consecuencias de la “aparición del coronavirus” generado por una abrumadora y permanente avalancha de información por parte de todos los medios de comunicación. Los expertos, que aportan la voz de la Ciencia, nos hablan de un “virus asesino” pero que utiliza una perversa “estrategia”: no matar a todos los que infecta para poder seguir reproduciéndose.

Sin embargo, la atribución de cualidades, incluso de intenciones a un ente biológico que en estado libre es inerte, a una molécula de ADN o (en este caso) de ARN empaquetado con una densidad casi cristalina en una cápsida proteica envuelta en una capa de lípidos, un ente que no se puede considerar un ser vivo, produce una cierta desconfianza en estas interpretaciones científicas por muy prestigiosos que sean sus emisores. Pero lo que lleva la desconfianza al límite de la sospecha es cuando la prestigiosa revista científica Nature (Nature Medicine 17 de marzo) publica un artículo en el que concluye que el virus covid 19 “no es un virus obtenido en un laboratorio o manipulado a propósito”, un estupor que puede equivaler al producido porque en una revista de astrofísica se publicase un artículo destinado a demostrar que la Tierra no es plana.

Siga leyendo el artículo aquí.

Este artículo avala varias teorías que desencadenan en una, que a la vez se abre en racimos.

Os dejo también la web del Doctor Sandín: Somos bacterias y virus.

I bring you and recommend reading the last article written by Máximo Sandín Domínguez on April 2020. Doctor in Biological Sciences and Bioanthropology.

This article endorses several theories that trigger one, which at the same time opens in clusters.

Coronavirus: about viruses, killers and strategies.

Máximo Sandín.

It seems obvious that the world crisis that has been unleashed as a consequence of the pandemic caused by the covid 19 is unprecedented in history. What is not so evident is why if this pandemic occurs as claimed from the scientific field, that is, by the spontaneous «jump» of the virus from an animal to man, there have not been continuous epidemics of viral origin to the lake of history.
In any case, this situation has given rise to a social consensus on the causes and consequences of the “appearance of the coronavirus” generated by an overwhelming and permanent avalanche of information by all the media. The experts, who contribute the voice of Science, tell us about a «murderous virus» but that uses a perverse «strategy»: not to kill everyone it infects in order to continue reproducing.
However, the attribution of qualities, even of intentions, to a biological entity that is inert in the free state, to a DNA molecule or (in this case) RNA packed with an almost crystalline density in a protein casid wrapped in a layer of Lipids, an entity that cannot be considered a living being, produces a certain distrust in these scientific interpretations, however prestigious their emitters may be. But what brings mistrust to the limit of suspicion is when the prestigious scientific journal Nature (Nature Medicine March 17) publishes an article in which it concludes that the covid 19 virus “is not a virus obtained in a laboratory or manipulated on purpose ”, A stupor that can be equivalent to that produced because an article was published in an astrophysics magazine to demonstrate that the Earth is not flat.

The question that arises is why is such a prestigious magazine dedicated to contradicting a supposed infusion that should not even be taken into account scientifically because it comes from the field of what is usually described as «conspiranoic»?
Although in the current situation it may not seem appropriate to question official information, given that the priority is to end the pandemic, it never hurts (it may be essential) to understand why it occurred, so I suggest to the reader that I Join us to try to dispel these concerns by resorting to scientific data, that is, not interpretations, that allow us to get an idea of ​​what is happening.
The information that reaches the general public is based, fundamentally, on explanations and opinions of experts that are supposed to be believed on the basis of the principle of authority. In our case, I want the reader to draw his own conclusions from the data that I am going to present. In order to facilitate this work, I am not going to use bibliographic references that make it necessary to verify the affirmations by looking for the cited articles, but, directly, by copying the covers of those articles. (For the covers, go to the original pdf).

Let’s see then: The number of bacteria on Earth has been calculated to be approximately one nonillion (that is, one followed by thirty zeros). Well, it is estimated that the number of viruses is between five and twenty-five times the number of bacteria. As you will see, viruses or entities like viruses ”have played an important role in the evolution of life. But this is a long story. We will limit ourselves in this case to its ecological function:

Up to 10 billion viruses per liter have been counted in surface marine waters. Its function is to control the base of the marine trophic network. Since viruses are inert and passively move, when colonies of bacteria and algae grow excessively, being able to prevent the passage of the sun’s rays to the seabed, viruses destroy them until their density makes it possible for them to pass. Sun rays. Incidentally, the sulfurous products derived from this process contribute to the nucleation of the clouds.
Let’s see on the floors (excuse the size of the letters):

In the soils their number is variable, in all astronomical cases. In this study they have shown average figures of 5.3-10e8 and they are also involved in the control of bacterial communities.
Regarding its presence in organisms, it is considered that 10% of the human genome is made up of endogenous retroviruses, that is, viruses that throughout their evolution have inserted their gene sequences into our genome. But if we take into account the sequences derived from viruses (mobile elements such as transposons and retrotrasposons, repeated short and long elements, introns …) we find that the vast majority of our genomes are made up of viruses and their derivatives that control the expression of protein coding genes.

But, what is more, what was considered the genome, that is, the protein coding genes, which constitute 1.5% of the entire genome, is made up of viruses and their derivatives:

As a curiosity, in case it is interesting to someone, I will point out that in this article the candid author does not explain why the genome sequences derived from viruses are removed «by someone» from public databases:

But our organism not only contains viruses in the form of sequences inserted into the chromosomes. The number of complete viruses that perform essential functions for our organism is of such a size that it surprises the researchers themselves. Billions (rather billions) of bacterial viruses coexist with the billions of bacteria in our intestinal tract that are essential to our lives. Bacteriophages or phages regulate bacterial populations and exchange genetic information between them. That is, viruses control bacteria that control our body.
Any other viruses? Let’s see:

A huge number of bacteriophages attached to the mucosa of the body prevent external bacteria from penetrating, which should not be there, that is, they also protect our body.
If I have an opinion, it seems like something has been wrong with the viruses. With the condition of the viruses when they were discovered associated with diseases. But, let’s look at some of those associations:

According to this article, breast cancer emits retroviral particles. Endogenous viruses are known to be able to jump out of the genome in the face of some form of environmental aggression. That is why, on many occasions, viruses have been identified as the causative agent of different diseases when in reality they are a consequence. And that is why, in the diseased tissues, the presence of viral particles is observed.

And thus, a viral origin has been suggested for diseases such as arthritis or schizophrenia, despite the fact that an epidemic of these diseases has never been reported.

Endogenous viruses have long been known to be expressed as a constituent of genomes, that is, they are the genome. This fact is of great importance for the subject at hand. Endogenous retroviruses or parts of them are expressed in such important processes as production of fundamental enzymes or the formation of the placenta during pregnancy.

These findings tell us about the fundamental role that viruses play in life processes, but what is the relationship of these phenomena to the subject at hand? We will see that it is a relationship of enormous importance, so I ask you to pay the most attention to the following two articles:

A multitude of endogenous retroviruses are expressed (involved in development) in embryonic tissues. As you can see, they are expressed in the placenta, adrenal cortex, kidneys, tongue, heart, liver, and central nervous system, as well as in the rest of the tissues. But let’s see in adult tissues:

In normal adult individuals, endogenous retroviruses are expressed in all tissues confirming that they are permanent components of the human transcriptome.

And now, let’s see how certain vaccines have been manufactured:

On the website of the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND MANUFATURERS & ASSOCIATIONS the following information was very proud:

Do not look for it, because it has disappeared from the web. And for good reason, because cultivating human viruses in embryos of other animals in which a multitude of endogenous viruses are expressed, leads to hybridizations with their corresponding viruses, which produces infectious viruses with characteristics different from the original ones.
We have long been informed that seasonal flu came «from birds» and that it «mutated» each year, quite possibly with the development of each new vaccine. With each new hybridization.
For example, in this yellow fever vaccine:

These terrible consequences of dangerous practices can be considered the result of ignorance of relatively recent discoveries. Therefore, unintentional. Let me explain some practices carried out with perfect knowledge of what was being done and that I leave to your interpretation:

Perhaps the reader wonders what is the point of resuscitating a virus that caused nearly fifty million deaths? A virus that did not «emerge» in Spain, despite the fact that it was called «Spanish flu» with the intention of concealing the mortality it caused in soldiers at the end of the First World War, because in our country the state of epidemic was declared .
But its origin was, apparently, in the American soldiers. Some time ago I came across this information that, despite not coming from “official” channels, is consistent with what we have seen previously;

If this is the case, it would be the result of the ignorance of the existing viruses in the substrates and of the methods used to make vaccines, which in the case of the initial ones were very rudimentary and dangerous.
But in the following case, it is evident that it is not ignorance. The excuse that it is a question of determining its virulence is not credible. The two previous pandemic outbreaks that did not become pandemic were those caused by «bird flu» or H5N1, which resulted in high mortality but was difficult to transmit, and then H1N1 «swine flu», which was easily transmitted but not very virulent. The letters H and N refer to hematoglutinin, a protein that is a component of the blood clotting system, and to neuramidase, an enzyme that controls the formation and maintenance of the myelin sheath of neurons, which form the virus virus capsid. flu.
And now an innocent experiment:

Let’s take a closer look at the consequences of this «experiment»:

It turns out that the characteristics of the porcine virus (H1N1) have a high antigenic similarity ”with the reconstructed human virus 1918 (H1N1). The explanation is that they «possibly share a common ancestor» as if viruses were going around the world getting married (or forming common-law partners).
The explanations for the «appearance» of the covid 19 are of the same scientific level: «It probably passed from a pangolin to the man through a bat, but it is not certain …» I hope that the reader has enough data to deduce another form of «appearance ”Of the coronavirus.
Well: there seems to be enough information to understand how covid 19 was produced. About the authors and their intentions you will have to investigate.

Villalbilla, April 2020

I also leave here the website of Doctor Sandín: We are bacteria and viruses.







Pululan por doquier teorías conspirativas llamadas ikeanianas. Te haces de una mesa, una estantería y una cómoda de Ikea y montas una litera. Sabemos qué le va a pasar a la litera cuando subas a descansar, lo que no quita que si volvemos a desmontarla y juntar las piezas de cada mueble, vuelvan a ser de nuevo, y sirvan para lo que son, una mesa, estantería y una cómoda.

Anda por ahí una teoría con nombre de cruzada anglosajona que no se mantiene en pie en su conjunto, pero que aisladas, aun siendo perogrulladas, puedan contener como toda conjetura o hipótesis, algo de verdad, pero ni mucho menos, que es lo que pretende, convertirse en litera.

Esta teoría tiene cuatro patas: 1) Israel ataca a Irán con digamos, «pequeñas» bombas nucleares para ir haciendo aperitivo. 2) Se esparce por China un virus, guerra bacteriológica. 3) Con el caos y la supuesta debilidad de China, empieza una verdadera, pero con cierto control, guerra nuclear. Quien salga menos debilitado de todo esto, ganará la guerra. 4) Todo esto se adelanta por una inminente catástrofe natural y se saltan el punto uno.

Bien, la última ya puede inutilizar a todas las demás. Pero vayamos por partes. Como ven las cuatro son unos muebles bien hermosos pero no hacen un salón. Para qué vas a lanzar algo, si viene gratis del cielo.

Hay que decir también que la III Guerra Mundial ha comenzado. Seamos valientes, no tengan miedo, sólo el necesario para sobrevivir. ¿Por qué digo esto? Porque da igual que lo que ha pasado en China con el coronavirus sea natural o artificial. De las dos potencias, la que salga ganadora y reforzada de esto, habrá ganado la contienda. Con lo cual, estamos en guerra y es mundial.


Desmontemos la litera. El punto uno puede pasar desde 1979, y cualquiera que sepa un poco de geopolítica es tan plausible como que todos nos vamos a resfriar alguna vez.

El punto dos es el más interesante por obvio. Se divide en tres: a) China ha sido atacada con un virus. Su rápida actuación, contención y propagación mundial ha desconcertado al enemigo. China ha ganado esta batalla, la guerra ya se verá. b) China, a sabiendas que iba a ser atacada con un virus, se ha adelantado y ha soltado el suyo propio, sabiendo que lo iba a contener y que se iba a propagar como se está viendo a nivel mundial. Desconcertando e inactivando al enemigo, China también ha ganado esta batalla. c) El virus se ha desencadenado de forma natural. Se sabe que las pandemias del SARS se iban a dar cada diez o doce años, esperar a que saliera de la naturaleza un virus como este era cuestión de tiempo. ¿Para qué voy a lanzar una bomba si me va a caer del cielo gratis?, vuelvo a decir. Y no tiene importancia que el virus empiece en tu país. Posiblemente puedas controlarlo mejor si sabías que las tres hipótesis podían pasar. China también en este caso ha ganado la batalla.

El punto tres es una mesa.

El cuatro es una estantería muy barroca.

Hay que decir que la II Guerra Mundial en sí, no fue la que cambió el modo de vida del siglo XX. Sí lo fue la energía nuclear, sus consecuencias y relación con respecto a la geopolítica.

En este caso, tampoco lo va a ser la guerra en sí, sino el arma que va a cambiar el sistema al menos en setenta años. Y son los virus y su aprehensión en relación a la actitud vital de los gobiernos. Esto es, nadie va a comunicar que ha desatado una guerra bacteriológica, pues ya pierde la guerra antes de apretar el gatillo.

Las dos grandes potencias en realidad no se van a acusar de que el enemigo lo ha atacado con un virus. El motivo es que el virus prácticamente sería el mismo, con lo cual sería poco demostrable a nivel científico y lo más difícil, a nivel comunicacional entre gobernantes y pueblo. ¡Me han atacado pero yo estaba preparado para atacar con un virus mucho peor! Como comprenderán, esto no es asumible por el hombre de a pie. Esto es, perderíamos todos, y da igual en el bando que nos encontremos, el hombre medio no lo entendería y los ejércitos en cantidad quedarían inmovilizados por cuenta propia, no lucharían por el gobierno que los va a matar.

Es por esto que todo ha empezado, en silencio. Por ahora. asomado

¿Y qué hacemos? Nada. Bueno, lo que seguimos haciendo hasta ahora y por ahora. Es otra guerra. Una guerra comercial mundial con muertos. De momento, pongámonos a salvo como lo estamos haciendo.




There are everywhere conspiracy theories called IKEANIANAS. You get a table, a bookshelf and an IKEA chest of drawers and set up a bunk bed. We know what will happen to the bunk bed when you go up to rest, which does not mean that if we dismantle it again and put the pieces of each piece of furniture together, they will be again, and serve what they are, a table, a shelf and a chest of drawers.
There is a theory with the name of the Anglo-Saxon crusade that does not stand up as a whole, but that isolated, even if they are truisms, can contain, like any conjecture or hypothesis, some truth, but far from it, which is what it intends , become a bunk bed.
This theory has four legs: 1) Israel attacks Iran with, say, «small» nuclear bombs to make snacks. 2) A virus spreads throughout China, bacteriological warfare. 3) With the chaos and the supposed weakness of China, a true, but with some control, nuclear war begins. Whoever is least weakened from all this will win the war. 4) All this is advanced by an imminent natural catastrophe and skip point one.
Well, the last one can already disable all the others. But let’s go by parts. As you can see the four are very beautiful furniture but they do not make a living room. Why are you going to launch something, if it comes free from heaven.
It must also be said that World War III has begun. Let us be brave, do not be afraid, only what is necessary to survive. Why am I saying this? Because it does not matter that what has happened in China with the coronavirus is natural or artificial. Of the two powers, the winner and reinforced of this, will have won the contest. With which, we are at war and it is worldwide.
Let’s dismantle the bunk bed. Point one can go from 1979 and anyone who knows a little bit of geopolitics is as plausible as we are all going to catch a cold sometime.
Point two is the most interesting by obvious. It is divided into three: a) China has been attacked with a virus. Their swift action, containment, and global spread have baffled the enemy. China has won this battle, the war will be seen. b) China, knowing that it was going to be attacked with a virus, has gone ahead and released its own, knowing that it would contain it and that it would spread as it is being seen worldwide. By baffling and inactivating the enemy, China has also won this battle. c) The virus has been triggered naturally. It is known that the SARS pandemics were to occur every ten or twelve years, waiting for a virus like this to come out of nature was a matter of time. Why am I going to drop a bomb if it’s going to fall from the sky for free? I say again. And it doesn’t matter that the virus starts in your country. Possibly you can control it better if you knew that all three hypotheses could pass. China in this case too has won the battle.
Point three is a table.
The four is a very baroque bookcase.
It must be said that World War II itself was not the one that changed the way of life of the 20th century. Yes, nuclear energy was, its consequences and relationship with respect to geopolitics.
In this case, neither is the war itself, but the weapon that will change the system in at least seventy years. And they are viruses and their apprehension in relation to the vital attitude of governments. That is, no one is going to communicate that he has unleashed a bacteriological war, since he already loses the war before pulling the trigger.
The two great powers are not really going to accuse that the enemy has attacked him with a virus. The reason is that the virus would be practically the same, with which it would be unprovable scientifically and, more difficult, at the communicational level between rulers and people. I have been attacked but I was prepared to attack with a much worse virus! As you will understand, this is not acceptable for ordinary man. That is, we would all lose, and it does not matter on which side we are, the average man would not understand it and the armies in quantity would be immobilized on their own, they would not fight for the government that is going to kill them.
This is why everything has started, in silence. For now.
And what do we do? Nothing. Well, what we continue to do so far and for now. It is another war. A world trade war with the dead. For now, let’s get to safety as we are doing.
Take care of yourselves.






Está, pero no cuadra. Intentaré ser muy escueto. Hay tres focos del coronavirus que no armonizan*.

  • CHINA: Estamos en el epicentro. Tres posibilidades. El virus lo ha creado la naturaleza. El virus lo ha creado el hombre y se le ha escapado a China. El virus ha sido creado por el hombre y agentes exteriores lo han extendido por China. (La rapidez con que China, real o aparentemente ha controlado la situación, sería una indicación de su potencia y un aviso a los que la han querido dañar).
  • ITALIA: Si quieres extender el virus por Europa, ¿Dónde lo dejarías? Una posible buena respuesta sería el norte de Italia. El salto de este virus de China a Italia no se mantiene en pie:

Europa es el tercer destino turístico más grande del mundo para los viajeros chinos, después de Asia y Oceanía. Francia es el primer destino. Italia aparece en el tercer o cuarto puesto. Esto contradice a la naturaleza en general y a la propagación de este virus en particular. Por contra y a nivel europeo podemos decir que esta región (Lombardía), está en el centro de Europa y los viajeros de vuelta describen un mosaico en forma de abanico.

  • IRÁN: Este es el caso que menos concuerda. Está cerca de China, pero lo normal es que el virus se expandiera por aquella zona en círculos concéntricos de dentro a fuera. Bien, los países fronterizos con China no han tenido un brote tan agresivo comparado con Irán. Imagínense este supuesto (en concordancia con todos los demás): En última instancia alguien obliga e insiste que este país sea una de los principales brotes. A alguien, geopolíticamente, le interesa.


Sin más, dejo a los expertos estos supuestos que me atrevo a tocar por sentido común. El mal ya está hecho, pero con algunas particularidades e indicios. No creo que sea una «guerra» entre Estados, sino de una gran corporación y a la vez pequeña.

Y si todo esto no fuera así, que fuera todo natural, también saldría ganando esa corporación. ¿Entonces? Pues que todo tiene sentido… Y a la vez todo es un sinsentido.

* Esto es de julio de 2009, por tanto no «infectado» de alarmismo informativo respecto al coronavirus: Tal como señalan los expertos, las pandemias de influenza son eventos extraordinarios porque se propagan en poblaciones que son muy susceptibles a la infección. Y tal como ha quedado demostrado con el virus H1N1 (gripe porcina), la infección llega en epidemias similares a un «tsunami». Como ven, una ola gigante se expande como ondas de agua, no dando saltos inexplicables para la naturaleza, o bien, hay varios tsunamis en dias posteriores. En el caso del coronavirus demuestra una activación antinatural de los principales focos.

Hablo del principio, del origen en el espacio y tiempo de la pandemia. Ahora, a día de hoy, puede haber efecto rebote.

En el continente americano, que el virus ha entrado de forma natural, se ve que hay un foco grande y se expande en forma de onda, no hay tres o cuatro focos de igual tamaño e importancia. tsunami
Me gustaría equivocarme.



It is, but it doesn’t fit. I will try to be very concise. There are three foci of the coronavirus that don’t harmonize*.
– CHINA: We are at the epicenter. Three possibilities. The virus has been created by nature. The virus has been created by man and has escaped China. The virus has been created by man and external agents have spread it throughout China. (The speed with which China has, actually or apparently controlled the situation would be an indication of its strength and a warning to those who have wanted to harm it.)
– ITALY: If you want to spread the virus throughout Europe, where would you leave it? A possible good answer would be northern Italy. The jump of this virus from China to Italy does not remain standing:
Europe is the third largest tourist destination in the world for Chinese travelers, after Asia and Oceania. France is the first destination. Italy appears in third or fourth place. This contradicts nature in general and the spread of this virus in particular. By cons and at a European level we can say that this region (Lombardy) is in the center of Europe and the travelers back describe a mosaic in the shape of a fan.
– IRAN: This is the case that least agrees. It is close to China, but it is normal for the virus to spread in that area in concentric circles from the inside out. Well, the countries bordering China have not had such an aggressive outbreak compared to Iran. Imagine this assumption (in accordance with all the others): Ultimately someone forces and insists that this country be one of the main outbreaks. Someone, geopolitically, is interested.
Without further ado, I leave to the experts these assumptions that I dare to touch on common sense. The evil is already done, but with some peculiarities and indications. I do not think it is a «war» between States, but of a large and at the same time small corporation.
And if all this were not so, that it were all natural, that corporation would also win. So? Well, everything makes sense … And at the same time everything is nonsense.

* This is from July 2009, therefore not «infected» with informational alarmism regarding the coronavirus: As experts point out, influenza pandemics are extraordinary events because they spread in populations that are highly susceptible to infection. And as has been shown with the H1N1 virus (swine flu), the infection comes in epidemics similar to a «tsunami». As you can see, a giant wave expands like water waves, not making inexplicable jumps for nature, or, there are several tsunamis in later days. In the case of the coronavirus, it shows an unnatural activation of the main foci.

I am talking about the beginning, the origin in space and time of the pandemic. Now, today, there may be a rebound effect.

In the American continent, that the virus has entered naturally, it is seen that there is a large focus and it expands in the form of a wave, there are not three or four foci of equal size and importance.
I wish I was wrong.
Take care of yourselves.